Compensation Packages in Today’s Market

Crafting an effective total rewards strategy is no easy task. This is especially true in today’s competitive environment where employees have continually challenged companies to reconsider their approach to designing compensatory offerings that will attract, retain, and motivate the very best talent available. At Zayla Partners, we specialize in helping our clients navigate the intricacies […]

Navigating Long-Term Incentive Plans For Private Companies: Key Considerations

executives in a meeting

As businesses evolve, so do their compensation strategies. It may be challenging for some private companies to attract and retain top-tier talent, and that’s why long-term incentive plans play a pivotal role. The idea is clear: offer a market-competitive long-term incentive that enhances the retention and motivation of the recipient over the long-term all while […]

Size & CEO Pay

size and ceo pay graph with elon musk ahead

Size & CEO Pay Part 2 in series: “What Matters in CEO Pay?” Size matters. Both company size and CEO pay size matter a lot! While this doesn’t seem like a wild statement, this fact gets tested over and over, most recently with one of the most widely- known executives in the world, Elon Musk, […]

Compensation Committee Considerations 2024

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At this time last year, 72% of CEOs were expecting a recession in 2023. While the circumstances underlying that prediction have evolved (hypergrowth and hyper-inflation have tapered off), and the Russell 1,000 has returned 18.3% YTD. In short, the market is volatile and predictions are difficult!Over the past year, as we have worked with our […]

Nonprofit Compensation Primer: What You Should Know

Compensation in the nonprofit sector remains a topic of keen interest and occasional debate. Many assume that working for a cause should mean lower salaries and little to no incentive opportunities. However, the reality is that competitive compensation is critical to attracting and retaining talented professionals who can make the most significant impact. This post […]

What Matters in CEO Pay?


1st of a Multi-Part Series Is CEO pay back in the crosshairs of the President of the United States? One could infer such a position after President Biden’s recent visit to the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike where he jumped in the picket line alongside union workers who are striking in protest for more pay […]

The Essential Guide To Conducting A Compensation Analysis


In an increasingly competitive job market, the need to attract and retain the best talent is a top priority for any company. One of the key factors that potential employees consider when evaluating job offers is compensation. Organizations should validate that their offerings are both market competitive and internally equitable. These two characteristics will lead […]

Telling the Compensation Story Through Reported and Realizable Executive Compensation

realizable compensation

Executive compensation is a hot topic in the corporate governance world.  The discussion and evaluation of the fairness of executive pay practices has ramped up considerably since the arrival of Dodd-Frank, evolving as investor expectations and disclosure trends among public issuers have changed. Last year, the SEC finalized disclosure rules on how companies should communicate […]

CEO to NEO Pay Index Matters

CEO to NEO pay index

When we conducted a three year (2019 – 2022) pay and performance comparison of the top ~2,000 public companies (by market cap), we found CEO pay that was too far removed from the other named executive officers (NEOs) resulted in an inefficient relationship between the amount of compensation delivered and shareholder return generated. Specifically, companies […]

Solving Compensation Whiplash

compensation whiplas

Compensation Whiplash – the movement of compensation up and/or down so rapidly it gives you a headache. The recent labor market has hit HR/Compensation departments with a nasty concoction of variables – unprecedented labor market volatility, commodity price swings, hyperinflation, the great resignation, silent resignations, remote work, DEI, and 5 generations working together at the […]