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Incentive Plan Design

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Incentive compensation plans (Annual and/or Long-term), when designed appropriately, help drive achievement of strategic objectives. That relationship is defined in data, as historical research has concluded that companies without established incentive plans generally rank in the bottom quartile of performance on shareholder value creation relative to peers.

Over the last 25+ years, the Zayla team has worked with hundreds of clients to design incentive plans that help unlock critical strategic goals and objectives. We will help you develop and implement incentive programs that will help attract new talent, enhance productivity, and motivate your organization to greater performance achievements.

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Strategic Compensation Plans

In today’s volatile market, creating and implementing effective compensation plans for executives, board members, and other company employees is a serious challenge. Companies are constantly balancing competing forces such as hyper inflation, low unemployment, the great resignation, volatile global markets, and the threat of a recession to ensure they are able to stay ahead of the labor market competition. Our finely tuned approach combines your company goals with market compensation best practices and a view to the future so we can help you deliver the best return on compensation investment possible. We ensure our final compensation plans not only motivate and retain your current talent, but are attractive to star performers to join your team. Delivering these finely tuned executive compensation strategies, employee compensation plans, incentive plan structures and corporate governance guidelines where boards, investors and management are all supportive is a balancing act that our experienced compensation consultants have mastered over the last 25 years.

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Industry-Specific Compensation Consulting Experience

Our independent compensation consultants have advised some of the best performing public, private, and nonprofit companies in a wide range of industries from energy to services to high tech to agriculture and more

Whether you’re looking for assistance with executive compensation planning, employee incentive plan design, corporate governance structure, litigation support for complex compensation disputes, SEC compliance, proxy statement disclosures, or employment agreement recommendations, you can rely on our consultants for industry specific guidance that fits the exact needs of your unique business. For a list or to learn more, contact us.


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