Board & Governance Compensation Consulting Services

Pay Starts with Z™

Zayla Partners™ helps corporate boards, compensation committees, owners, and management orchestrate best-in-class governance oversight.

Whether it’s board of director compensation structure design, CD&A drafting, shareholder engagement or ESG advisory services, we believe every message matters. We ensure your public compensation and governance statements don’t just satisfy the letter of the law but are a forward facing extension of your company culture and brand.

Boards of Directors are constantly scrutinized for their governing stewardship. At Zayla Partners, we ensure the how and how much of director pay is not only market competitive, but appropriately accounts for the liability and responsibility incurred at public, private, and nonprofit organizations.

Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A)

Whether you are reporting compensation in a public proxy statement, a 990 for nonprofits, or controlled company disclosure, Zayla Partners can help you design or refine the clearest and most articulate executive compensation and governance message. We review and draft publicly reported compensation statements to ensure they send the right messages to all interested parties.

We are not only concerned with meeting the letter of the law, but more importantly, we view these statements as a window into the culture of the company. These public statements reporting on the why and how of compensation can share massive amounts of intentional and unintentional views on compensation, governance, pay equality, pay for performance, culture, company performance, environmental views, social views and general governance. We specialize in making sure your corporate image leads the market.

Compensation Risk Assessment

The SEC requires that every public company disclose if their compensation plans create material risk. Many companies do not conduct the assessment, or disclose the risk. At Zayla Partners, we provide third party compensation risk assessments to satisfy the Board’s fiduciary responsibility.

Shareholder Engagement Services

Shareholders have increasingly voiced their opinion on compensation, performance and governance matters. For public companies, these shareholders have utilized Say on Pay as the vehicle to voice their dissident opinions. While this vote is a non-binding advisory vote, it still carries some voice of concern and influence.

At Zayla Partners, we first design programs to maximize ROI and avoid Say on Pay challenges. However, if you find your company fighting the good fight, Zayla has significant experience in conducting shareholder outreach and resolving Say on Pay concerns.

Proxy Advisor Services

Understanding the how and why of institution and proxy advisory opinions (ISS, Glass Lewis and others) can be challenging. At Zayla Partners, we work closely with institutions and proxy advisors to stay up to date on the latest models, views and levels of influence with regards to public company executive compensation and corporate governance.

While this inside view is informative and can represent some portion of shareholder sentiment, our ultimate compensation and governance recommendations are based upon what is the best and most efficient plan design for the company to achieve its end goals.

ESG Services

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives have become an important part of corporate boardroom discussions. Whether it’s environmental impact, diversity, pay equity, or any other number of increasingly important governance practices, understanding the ESG landscape and emerging practices is critical.

The Zayla Partners team has been actively engaged with clients and the general market place on ESG initiatives for the past decade. We have listened closely to shareholders, shareholder advisors, board members, and other influential voices in the global market to sharpen our advice to our clients. Given the many voices and changes in this important area of corporate responsibility, our client’s long-term interests are the most critical driver shaping compensation and governance philosophy.

Services provided to non profit, private and public companies across Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.