Compensation Litigation Expert Witness Testimony

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Expert Testimony for Compensation Disputes

Litigating difficult compensation matters is a refined science and art, full of nuances that can dramatically shift the outcome. We provide expert witness testimony that protects you in a range of compensation cases.

Expert witness testimony is crucial in compensation disputes. From pay equity to reasonable executive compensation, employee contracts, divorce proceedings, wrongful termination, and bankruptcy, we’ll provide detailed analysis and testimony to help you through a challenging time. 

Zayla’s compensation litigation experts wrote the book—literally—on reasonable compensation. We’ll bring your attorneys and litigants up to speed, and help you navigate the IRS and the court systems. You’ll enter litigation confident in our conclusions and your knowledge of the underpinnings of a complex issue.

Why We Offer Compensation Expert Witness Testimony

Compensation disputes are common, and may be brought by the IRS, a shareholder, or an individual. When you need informed support in the courtroom, Zayla is ready to help.  We can provide expert witness testimony in:

How Our Compensation Expert Witnesses Can Help

From creating reports to testifying in depositions and trials, we offer well-articulated rationale to support your company’s pay policies. 

We’ve advised more than 400 public, private, and nonprofit organizations on reasonable compensation court cases. Not only are we certified in reasonable compensation by WorldatWork; we’re also faculty. We’ve developed the content and curriculum for WorldatWork’s certification program, and train new faculty on its implementation. Zayla’s experts have also co-authored three books, contributed to five books, and written more than 100 articles on compensation. In addition, we serve as board members for other companies, which gives invaluable perspective on this topic.

Our methods have proven results. Find out more about what makes Zayla different.

Zayla's Approach to Compensation Litigation Expert Services

Whether from a suit brought in a divorce or an IRS inquiry into nonprofit donations, we’ll help you and your attorneys through the court system. Our service is composed of three parts:

  1. developing an expert opinion based on analysis of facts and company policies
  2. generating reports
  3. providing witness testimony in court

We pay special attention to portions of the Internal Revenue Code, such as Section 162, that can cause dramatic shifts reasonable compensation outcomes. This helps you mitigate risks and contain costs.

Compensation Witness FAQ

Yes. We work closely with your attorneys on well-reasoned arguments that support your case.

We have deep expertise in compensation litigation, developed over 25 years of testifying in legal cases. We know what kind of information judges and juries are looking for, and provide confident conclusions on topics like reasonable compensation.

We’ve worked with more than 400 private and public companies, as well as nonprofits.

Over 25 years, we’ve advised hundreds of companies on some of the most complex compensation issues. Whether defending reasonable compensation practices in a classroom, boardroom, or courtroom, we are the go-to experts on corporate and individual compensation.