Industry-Specific Compensation Consulting Experience

Our independent compensation consultants have advised some of the best performing public, private, and nonprofit companies in a wide range of industries from energy, to services, to high-tech, to agriculture and more.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with executive compensation planning, employee incentive plan design, corporate governance structure, litigation support for complex compensation disputes, SEC compliance, proxy statement disclosures, or employment agreement recommendations, you can rely on our consultants for industry specific guidance that fits the exact needs of your unique business. For a list or to learn more, contact us.

Industries We Serve:

Frequently Asked Questions

We advise companies ranging from large public companies to small private companies, as well as nonprofits and public administration entities.

First ask your prospective consultant about their industry experience and success with similar projects. Zayla has a long track record of implementing compensation programs that support long term corporate strategy, all while applying the necessary boardroom EQ to navigate complex dynamics. 

Zayla’s pay equity analysis can help your company identify pay gaps between employees in similar positions and with similar talent and results, but who may be of different genders, ages, and or ethnicities. 

We have deep expertise in compensation litigation, developed over 25 years of testifying in legal cases. We provide defensible conclusions, grounded in market data and expertise, that position our clients for successful outcomes.

We recommend reviewing your long-term incentive plans as frequently as you make awards. 

We work with clients to develop compensation plans that will incentivize behaviors to drive companies forward on their ESG journeys. Lagging ESG performance can lead to a variety of problems, which may range from legal action to lackluster share price performance. Beyond the potential financial impact on a company, focusing on ESG is simply the right thing to do. From customers to investors, today’s stakeholders are more interested than ever in policies that protect the environment, promote community, and demonstrate good leadership.