Executive Compensation Consulting Services

Pay Starts with Z™

Zayla Partners™ provides independent, leading-edge, executive compensation consulting advice to corporate owners, board members, compensation committees, senior management, and other stakeholders.

We listen intently to what makes our clients unique, and how they position themselves in the marketplace. We then conduct our own compensation surveys, access the best data in the marketplace, and frequently talk to clients and our community to stay at the forefront of the macro and micro market. Finally, we combine this tailored client and market knowledge with decades of successful experiences to develop leading-edge compensation solutions for companies to attract, retain, and motivate the very best executive talent available.

Knowing where you are is as important as knowing where you are going. At Zayla Partners, we conduct a thorough market analysis tailored to your company, your industry, your people, your jobs, and your performance. We want to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of how your people are compensated compared to the external market before designing programs that will take you where you want to go.

Executive compensation has never been more challenging than in today’s market. Whether the challenge is satisfying shareholders, board members, external media, customers, donors, regulators, or simply aligning with the long-term goals of the company with the greatest ROI, getting executive pay right is not easy. At Zayla Partners, we take the pressure off of the company and deliver the most effective executive compensation programs that help your company navigate today’s challenging marketplace. Executive Compensation Services

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is developing annual incentive plans that navigate internal and external complexities while delivering the highest ROI. Fortunately, this is Zayla’s specialty. Given our two decades of experience in designing annual incentive plans, creating curriculum for WorldatWork’s variable pay certification courses, testifying in court as experts on variable pay plans, and authoring numerous books and articles on the topic of variable pay, Zayla Partners can help you design the most effective and tailored annual incentive plan on the market.

Whether your company is public, private, or a nonprofit, a daunting task for businesses today is developing long-term incentive plans that navigate internal and external complexities while delivering the greatest ROI. From shareholder pressures of public companies, to dilution challenges in private companies, to the lack of perceived long-term currency for nonprofits, the challenge list is long for effective long-term incentives. Zayla Partners can help you design the most leading edge, effective and tailored long-term incentive plan on the market.

Pay for Performance Analysis & Design

Understanding the correlation between pay and performance is critical for any organization. However, if you ask most companies, they don’t have a way to connect the vision and mission of the company to the goals and objectives, and finally to the performance plans. At Zayla Partners, we believe if everyone in the boat can see the shoreline, then all paddles will row in the same direction and even at the same speed – creating the most effective motivation possible. We ensure pay programs are directly aligned with this vision.

Compensation Philosophy Development

Less than 1% of companies can articulate how their mission, goals, and objectives tie into their total rewards philosophy and practices. It is proven that employees are more motivated to work for a company with a firm strategy that is easy to understand. Additionally, companies with formalized incentive strategies are proven to deliver better results than their peers with no incentive strategy. At Zayla Partners, our entire mission is to align your long-term goals with your compensation philosophy.

Deferred Compensation Analysis & Design

A strategic deferred compensation plan is an important part of the total rewards toolbox. It can help create an attractive executive compensation program to help retain critical talent. At Zayla Partners, we create a blueprint for an effective deferred compensation strategy, and then work with our partners to ensure the best administration and 409A compliance possible.